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The Minnow Bucket – Huntley, Montana

Bait Shop in Huntley, Montana

The Minnow Bucket

Eddie White, Owner, 406-348-2440 Mobile 406-696-1281.

An outside view of the Minnow Bucket, Huntley, Motana


Located at 6799 Creekmore Rd, Huntley, MT 59037, just off I-94 at the Pryor Creek Rd exit,  The Minnow Bucket is the bait shop to visit if you are planning on doing any fishing locally, and you need bait or a little bit of tackle. You can get advice on fishing in the Yellowstone, the Tongue River Reservoir or even fishing Fort Peck from the owner Eddie White.


The Minnow Buckets’ hours are 6 days a week, closed on Monday:

  • Tuesday through Friday 11AM to 7PM
  • Saturday 7AM to 7PM
  • Sunday 7AM to 12PM


And what about bait? Yes of course they have minnows, and minnows by the dozen in all sizes for $5 per dozen. They have all the other bait you would expect too,  night crawlers and leeches too.

If you are wondering what makes the Minnow Bucket special, we could start with the minnows, customers swear by them. You check out many of the testimonials on the Minnow Bucket’s Facebook Page.  You’ll see that customers think these minnows work dead or alive. They catch everything, perch, northern pike and catfish.

They also have a Google+ page, but not much is going on there yet.  According to the owners, a website is planned to offer bait and tackle. We will post more information later.

Here is a gallery of photos for those people who are not familiar with the inside of the store: