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Well, what about us? We obviously like bait shops. That is probably because we (in the royal third person sense) were impressionable as a child, and spent a good portion of that time fishing, and frequenting bait and tackle shops. Whenever you got the bait back to where you were fishing and opened up the packet or container and you saw all that squiggly life or stinky slab of something, you couldn’t help tell yourself that the fish where going to love this, getting the bait on the hook as quickly as possible and in to the water.

Besides bait, all the best bait shops have a little bit of tackle in case you need to buy a lure or a weight or some rigging. But often what makes them a fun, exciting place is the chance to get some expertise in how to catch the fish you are after. A good bait shop owner can combine that advice with a sale that leads to a good day’s fishing.

Wanting to memorialize all the best best bait shops, and finding a good one near us that is a prime example of all that is good led us to come up with the idea of a bait shop directory, but with a twist. We decided to use an existing bait shop domain name for a typical bait shop rather than search around for names ┬álike “baitshopdirectory.com” We can’t help ourselves, we like the synecdoche idea and for all we know about Jays old bait shop, it fits the bill as being representative of all bait shops.

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As a Synedoche for ALL Bait & Tackle Shops Everywhere