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Jays Grocery Bait and Tackle Bait Shop Directory Header ImageDid you ever think that you would see the words synecdoche and bait shop in the same sentence? Well here you do because we think that JaysGroceryBaitandTackle is a synecdoche for bait and tackle shops generally. And as such, this site is dedicated to the memory of Jays and serves as a directory of all bait shops.

For those still wondering what on earth am I talking about, well, a synecdoche is a figure of speech by which you refer to the whole by referring to a part of it. A typical example is hired hands, that is synecdoche of workers, the hands refer to whole worker.  So now you can see JaysGroceryBaitandTackle refers to all bait and tackle shops everywhere.

Jays was a grocery bait and tackle shop somewhere in central North Carolina, near Bear Creek. As such is was located near likely fishing spots, and it provided to its customers what they expect from a bait shop. You could pick up bait, that extra bit of tackle you might need and some advice about how to use the bait and tackle in the local fishing spots. While not every bait shop can offer cold beer or other beverages and snacks needed for fishing, this one did.

As I love bait shops, the smell, the excitement of getting ready to go fishing, this site represents my goal of sharing bait shops that I find along my travels that have something that makes them special and fun that contributes to the fishing experience.

If you find a good/great bait shop somewhere on your travels and you would like it included here, you can contact us to let us know about it.


As a Synedoche for ALL Bait & Tackle Shops Everywhere